A fast and reliable method for quickly screening unknown powdered/prilled substances for explosives potential is of importance for police and military personnel in the field as homemade bombs are the leading killer of U.S. and NATO troops in Afghanistan.  Nitrate-based fertilizers, chlorate-based weed killers, and nitrate/perchlorate-based fireworks are all readily available (depending on location) and are weaponized with the right training.

The Serim® Discern® HME I.D. test strip provides a quick (60-second) multiple-target test that detects and distinguishes between ammonium or Urea Nitrate, peroxides, chlorates and perchlorates.   This is achieved in one step using only one unknown solid sample wetted with water, by combining the responses of specific test pads for oxidizers, nitrate, perchlorate, ammonium and urea.

Test Strip Analyte Tested µg Analyte detected
Discern HME I.D. Oxidizer Pad:  Sodium / Potassium chlorate 33 – 54
Nitrate Pad:  Ammonium nitrate 14
Perchlorate Pad:  Sodium perchlorate 56
Ammonium Pad: :  Ammonium nitrate 12
Urea Pad:  Urea Nitrate 168



The Serim Discern Chlorate HME test strip is used to identify chlorate based explosive chemicals.  A positive result indicates the presence of a chlorate, a negative response indicates the samples contains a peroxide (e.g. TATP, HMTD). This test is included in both the individual and bulk kits and is used when the oxidizer pad on the Discern HME I.D. test is positive.

Test Strip Analyte Tested µg Analyte detected

Chlorate HME Test 

Chlorate: Potassium Chlorate


Refill bottles for both the Discern HME I.D.test and the Discern Chlorate HME are available for restocking the bulk kit.


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